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Introducing Insights Lite

We met with Simon today, the guy who built Kounta’s reporting tool for an extra special episode of our Top Tips.

By Chloe Chaplin

As trade starts to ramp up into December and your spare time becomes even more scarce, now is the perfect time to start putting your data to work, get insights into your business and make fast, informed & revenue driving decisions.

Whether you need to know when to add staff to cover your busiest hours, which menu items are underperforming, how your average transaction value is trending, or you’re keen to keep an extra close eye on your cash reconciliations & staff performance, Insights gives you the data you need to make changes on the fly without guesswork.

We have just released a free tier for Insights so that you can get a taste of how effortless reporting can be.

Try Insights Lite for free here or you can reach out to us 24/7 via our website, or starting a chat anywhere in Kounta.

Or, if you’re not yet a customer – we can help fix that too, simply Get Started for Free.