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Sustainability beyond the kitchen | Kounta x Open Pantry Co Podcast

From people to produce, sustainability is crucial to a successful future for our industry.

By Chloe Chaplin

We chatted to three ladies leading very different initiatives, with one common goal - a more sustainable future for hospitality.

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Kaitlin from Reground explored the possibilities of recycling waste that we didn’t previously know could be repurposed. Demelza from SameCup chatted about the sustainability of people within our industry and what we can do to ensure a more diverse, fair and successful future for hospitality. Bringing it all together, Claire from Industry Beans explained how a business can successfully implement these types of initiatives without becoming distracted from their core vision and purpose.

Get to know our guests and their businesses better …

Reground – The Community Story

Industry Beans – Brewing possibility

Over the last decade, a wave of coffee roasters across the globe, known as the Third Wave, redefined ideas about sourcing, roasting and brewing coffee. Abandoning old approaches, these pioneers saw coffee as a natural product with many possibilities, recognising that different varietals, growing conditions, processing methods, and brewing techniques could each yield something distinctive to a final cup.

Inspired by this movement, two brothers in Melbourne founded Industry Beans in 2010. Driven by curiosity and a belief that the coffee roasting process offered possibilities yet to be fully explored.

Steve and Trevor Simmons set up in a tiny garage on a shoestring budget and began roasting coffee for themselves. They formed relationships with farmers and producers in key coffee growing regions around the world, and with philosophies of quality, transparency and approachability began to grow their roasting operation.

Almost eight years on and Industry Beans has established itself at the cutting edge of Melbourne’s internationally renowned specialty coffee scene.

SameCup – Creating Diversity and inclusion

SameCup is dedicated to creating more diversity and inclusion in positions of influence and power across the specialty coffee industry.

“What a vision, right?!

In a perfect world, we would love to see a diverse cross section of society in jobs that influence and inspire others. We believe that our industry (Australian specialty coffee) is stacked towards the success of individuals who fit a certain mold, people who look and think like the people in power.

This often isn’t intentional, but regardless – we need to modify our approach and get past this for the greater good of our industry and all of the people in it.

When we don’t diversify our employees at all levels we are missing out on the wealth of knowledge that these people possess and ultimately we are missing out on the ability to genuinely connect with a broader audience.

Not only that, but we can provide marginalised people an opportunity to look up to and be inspired by someone that looks/thinks like them -it’s a win/win.

We acknowledge that there are many groups of marginalised people in the specialty coffee industry. Including but not limited to: women, LGBTQI+, Indigenous people, people of colour, people from rural areas, low socio-economic backgrounds, people with a mental or physical disability and people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds different from our own.

SameCup will provide an avenue for networking, personal and professional development, education and increasing the visibility and power of the WHOLE coffee community.”

Demelza Jones – Founder

Listen on Spotify, or settle in and listen right here.

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