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Struggling with Your Setup? Some Quick Network Troubleshooting Tips

Service interruptions can be a bummer. We get that. That’s why we built out our infrastructure with such a high …

By Dave Eagle

Service interruptions can be a bummer.

We get that. That’s why we built out our infrastructure with such a high level of redundancy and failsafes: to eliminate downtime. It’s also why we’re monitoring our servers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In the case of a service disruption, we’ll know before anyone else, and actively communicate with you while making sure all your data is safe.

And while nobody’s perfect, we think our track record with uptime is pretty great. None of this means that you won’t experience problems, though.

Kounta relies on a network, and there are two parts to this.

First, there’s the network of devices inside your shop, connecting with each other over Wi-Fi. These all go through your router to connect to the public network—what we refer to as the internet. Think about it like the water connection at your home. Your local network is made up of all pipes inside the house; they connect all the fixtures to each other.

troubleshooting tips, network troubleshooting

The public network is the infrastructure that exists outside your house, while your data is the water that flows through those pipes. If you turn on the faucet to your kitchen sink and no water comes out, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the water has stopped flowing all over town. The problem could be the connection to your sink. You won’t know until you investigate further.

It’s the same thing with Kounta. If you’re not getting data, the problem could be anywhere along the pipeline. Where that could be is a mystery, but it won’t take a plumber to solve it. You just need to start your troubleshooting at the device where you experienced the issue—then slowly work your way back along the path.

Troubleshooting Tips

Step One: Check your device

Issues aren’t always at the register level. Let’s use an iPad-based register as our example. If Kounta isn’t responding on it, try accessing the service from another device. If you hop over to your backup register and all is working fine, there may be an issue with your iPad(register) specifically. Try turning it off and then back on again. That might sound like a joke (and it is), but some things are funny because they’re true. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to go more in depth troubleshooting the device itself. Check out our device level checklist.

During outages we store data in the local cache on your device so that you can continue to trade offline. This will sync back to the cloud once you get back online. Make sure not to un-install the app as part of your testing.

A good next step is to try logging into Kounta using a browser on your first device, just to see if there’s even an internet connection.

Step Two: Check your network
wifi not working, wifi trouble, wifi problems

The problem might exist at the network level. Another possible way to test this is to try and access Kounta using a different network.

If you’ve got a smartphone with a cellular data connection on you, that’s perfect. Try logging into Kounta from it. If you can access the service over cellular, then you can safely say the problem is with your network connection—though we still don’t know where.

It could be on your side of the modem-router, or it could be on your provider’s side.

Step Three: Check Your Modem/Router

router problems, router issues, router trouble
Check the status lights on your modem/router. There should be lights indicating whether you’re online or off.

It’s usually a pretty straightforward display. A solid green light means you’re connected, and anything that’s amber or red and possibly blinking tells you there’s a problem. Refer to your device’s instruction manual if you’re not sure what you’re looking at.

If you find you’re not connected to your service provider, try turning the modem off and then back on again. While you’re at it, check every physical aspect of your network (see the Physical Layer Checklist here).

If, after restarting, the modem/router doesn’t reconnect with your service provider (and you’ve checked that all cables are connected), you are probably looking at an issue with their service. Time to dial them up and work with them to restore the connection.

If you’re experiencing regular network issues, it may be time to consider upgrading your modem/router. Often the free modem/router combos provided by ISPs are residential grade, unable to provide the level of support a business needs.

After the modem/router comes back online, give Kounta a try again. If it’s still not working, double check that your setup conforms to Kounta’s best practices for networking. It doesn’t matter if you referred to this when you first set everything up. Things change over time—items can get moved, or new wireless interferences can be created.

Step Four: Get in Contact

Once you’ve verified that all your equipment and installations are up to snuff, and that your connection to the internet at large is working, and you still cannot access Kounta—definitely get in touch. Reach out by sending us an email at

Chances are, if the problem is on our end, we’ll already know about it and can give you quick answers to either fix it or set expectations. If we’re still figuring it all out, all this work you’ve done beforehand will be a tremendous help since we won’t have to spend any time poking around where the problem isn’t.