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Absolutely fantastic product, team, and set up

While originally using a completely outdated and problematic POS system, we were put in touch with the team at Kounta. They were explained as being the most genuine team in the business, but always on hand to help and with a system which really spoke for itself.

Not only was the recommendation totally correct, I am now the one spreading the word of just how simple the transition was, and how happy we are with the product.

Not only is it a really easy system to set up and organise, especially with the helpful team over at Tech Panty – a shout out to Andy who is such a ‘yes-man’ and always on the problem solving case – we were completely changed over on such a tight time limit with absolutely no stress from our end. We’ve been up and running for a few weeks now, and staff members who were completely dedicated to the old systems are now totally sold on the new system Kounta has provided. It is an easy system to set up, use on a day to day basis and fills all of the reporting tick boxes you can have.

The fact that these teams have worked in hospitality really shows through the product; it’s set up like it has been trialled for a number of years with all issues that could have arisen already ironed out. 10/10. The ease of use, and the simplicity of the screens.

Source: Capterra

So easy, efficient support

Pros: Easy to use, easy to set up. Quick answers from support team and menus wntwred overnight with precision
Cons: Nothing at the moment despite using it for 5 months across 2 outlets

Overall: Glad we moved to this POS system and better in terms of accounting that it has ever been for us. It is really functional and all team from different ages found it great and easy to work with

Source: Capterra

The best customer service and support I have experienced

I am new to the hospitality industry and there is so much to learn and I need to learn fast. Kounta’s excellent customer service and support has helped me tremendously to streamline my sales and to look professional. With so much to learn in the beginning, it was comforting to have a friendly voice always on the other side of the phone to assist me, and all the staff at Kounta have always been very patient with me (when I don’t understand).

Service like this is rare, and I absolutely appreciate it. I will always be loyal to this Company and will recommend it to everyone. Kounta has a fantastic product and they have the support to match it in order for you to utilize your products to the fullest and get value for your money. Thank you for a great product but even greater customer service and support!

Pros: The support and customer service. It is no use to have an excellent product and the user don’t know how to use it. Kounta matches their excellent product with excellent support.

Cons: I have not anything negative to say about this product.

Source: Capterra

Great product

Pros: Being a Hospitality professional for 20 years I have dealt with numerous POS systems. Kounta is relatively straight forward and has the functionality and flexibility to run your business with ease. The support offered by Kounta day and night has been at an exceptional standard.

The understanding and support during setup, implementation and to now has been a surprise in this all to modern world. This holistic approach will keep Kounta ahead of the pack for quite some time.

Cons: Some of the language with respect to Hospitality is not not necessarily how we refer to how things are done in my experience however it is only a minor issue.

Source: GetApp

easy to operate and intuitave

Pros: Ability to do everything from scratch easily and without spending too much time learning the system, was then blown away by the back end tracking of sales by the hour and great for any off site managers or owners to see productivity and income in versus your wages expenses.

Cons: Have not found any yet however we would like a “customer display” app of kounta to show what items are getting rung up before being asked to pay

Overall: ten out of ten, can’t fault it and will recommend it to absolutely everyone

Source: Capterra

Kounta Online POS

Looking for a POS system for our new business we looked into quite a few. Kounta has been one of the easiest to use. Simple product additions. Great customer interface and foolproof back office. Syncs perfectly with our accounting software. Makes doing business so much easier.

Pros: Its simplicity.

Cons: Needs to have addable categories for individual business needs

Source: Capterra

Makes life easy, simple use even for an old fella like me.

Source: Google Reviews

Terrible Integration with XERO

Updating without asking on busy times in front of customers – Frequent disruptions – Very poor integration with XERO, multiple times we had to export the reports manually and recently they changed the whole thing and the reports of three months did not export to XERO and it’s very complicated to setup and retrieve the data.

Customer service and support was poor as well – It’s very expensive and not value for money.

Daily monitoring of the sales History of sales figures taking the orders at the till although couple of times it started to update in the busy time without asking.

Source: GetApp

Back in the day, our accounting integrations left many wanting more. For one, you had to press a button each week for reconciliation data to sync. 🤦 BUT… you’ll be happy to know in late 2018, we entirely rebuilt our accounting integrations.

Not only are Kounta’s accounting integrations more stable… they now have new features like invoice, PO, and two way account sales syncs, plus.

We’ve also written in depth guides to make it clear exactly how to set up an accounting integration and map your data appropriately. And if for any reason, a sync fails, our error handling feature will now guide you through how to quickly fix the sync.

Best POS I have used

I worked at Mcdonalds for 4 Years as a crew trainer and I found using Kounta on an Ipad Air was simpler and a better experience. Quicker and more customizable!

There are some features that are missing that we as a business require. Quantity on the Tax Invoice is important for us to have for Corporate Customers.

Pros: Simple. DIY. Easy to Configure. Awesome Customer Service

Cons: No Quantity on Tax Invoice

Source: Capterra

Kounta has catapulted us into the 21st century literally overnight.

It has literally transformed our business model into a user-friendly (especially for our team of volunteers who are mostly over retirement age and not accustomed to technology), dynamic management system that provides improved stock controls and incredible reporting for our management committee.

Pros: Ease of use for our volunteers has been a godsend. Back of house statistics, reporting and stock control make life so easy for our Providore and Treasurer. We now have mobile fingertip management of all aspects of our operations which is sensational. Within 14 days of introduction from our previous “cash only” operations we are exceeding 40% of transactions being on EFTPOS with functions running over 90%.

Source: Capterra

Perfect POS

We have been using Kounta in our cafe for over 6 months and it is fantastic. Easy to edit, easy to use and cost effective. New staff tend to pick it up and are using it without much support within a few days. The access to information is really good and the reporting tools are spot on. Highly recommended!

Source: Capterra

Android review

After trying around 10 different pos apps, this one turns out to be the best for us. If you need an app where the modifiers are important, this is the one.

We sell a basic product, fries, and then people can pick and modify their toppings. We’re all about customizing and giving what the customer wants. You create a modifier and then it can be used or linked with any product on your menu. So if you have a customer ordering a pizza or burger but wants no onions, no pickles, no olives… but would like banana peppers, green onions, etc. instead, you go to the modifier link on the ordering page and make the changes to the product. This saves a ton of time with programming and it is easy to make changes on the fly.

The reporting is fast and direct. It does take some time to figure out the basics so if you’re looking for a limited simple basic pos app, don’t try this and then give a bad review. The phone app works great too (BlackBerry DTEK60) and besides reporting, you have total access to the portal in case you need to make a change to the menu. We went with this app because it is Android based and not expensive Apple. This makes it affordable, Lenovo 10.1″ tablet for $99 at Walmart and versatile. We had the drawer and printer from the previous pos app. I also didn’t have any problems with support. I mean be reasonable, they’re in Australia and I’m in Canada. There is a time difference.

Source: Google Play

Buggy and lack of support

Worst POS system ever. I would give zero stars if I could. Service was dismal and a lot of bugs with the program. It seems like the program was half completed when it was released. While it might perform at a satisfactory level

when the business is relatively small and not as busy, this software clearly cannot handle when we have over 100 covers per service as there was no bugs during our quieter service period.

Absolute waste of money and time. Only consolation I have is that I can use the reuse the hardware with other POS system as it was just iPads and cash register. Little follow up with the problems we had and when they did contact us, 90% of the time they were unable to resolve the issue. We had double prints of orders resulting in wasting and also missing prints of kitchen orders resulting in angry customers and damage to our reputation. If you are looking to get Kounta because it is cheaper, don’t bother.

We were happy to get rid of it.

Pros: Simplicity of the features and simple pricing structure. We were able to view all the reports remotely.

Cons: Buggy and full of errors especially during a busy restaurant service. Reports were insufficient and support was also unable to resolve the issues we were having.

Source: Software Advice

Ouch. That stung a bit. But hey, feedback is our greatest source of learning. And in 2017, when this review was written, we did have some things that needed to be worked out. In the time since, we’ve made the platform more stable, faster, and fully capable of handling high volume. If the likes of one of Australia’s biggest shopping centre groups can handle the Christmas rush with no issues, I think it’s safe to say you’ll be fine.

We’ve also tripled our support teams, added 24/7 support, and have a brand new reporting product to help you more efficiently get the data you need to grow your business.

Android review

Basic features are good & priced well. But app is very very slow for a busy front of house. Unnecessary downloading and often randomly syncs during busy periods / tedious to update basic items and add customers.

– It’s excruciatingly timely to switch between back office and POS when running one device

– It unexpetedly logs out often & takes too long to log back in

– It shuts down other apps while it’s buffering (such as Spotify)

– Punch Cards – slow & glitchy, awful. It’s just too slow & clumsy

Source: Google Play

At the time of this comment, our Android app was in Beta, which essentially means Kounta for Android was a bit rough around the edges, albeit intentionally so we could gather feedback faster and launch the full app. Now that our full Android app is out, Kounta for Android is much more reliable and 100% equipped to take advantage of the fastest Android tech currently on the market.

Also, Kounta’s updates now happen in the background, so you’ll never get a random software sync interrupting service, ever. Switching between back office and POS from one device used to be slow as well, but even with the speed improvements we’ve made, if it’s still not fast enough for you, you can access POS and back office at the same time. Simply, open POS via the app and back office in a Chrome browser.


As far as shutting down other apps while buffering, we sometimes see this in venues that are generally suffering in the internet department. Internet speed can be an easy thing to overlook.

A note on price

This isn’t quite a review, but if you’re unsure if Kounta is worth the investment, this question posted in the Cafe Exit Planning Facebook group might help you decide.

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